5 Business Calendar Software Features For Your Company

One of the greatest challenges facing business owners is the management of their time as well as that of their staff. Like the saying goes,“Time is money”. If your team isn’t capitalizing on every minute of the day, where is that productivity going? In today’s lightening-fast business world, owners and managers need calendar apps with the best features to maximize everyone’s efficiency. The following factors will help you and your organization get the most out of every day.


Saving time while wasting money could have your business moving backwards. There are too many affordable options out there to be paying exorbitant fees to stay on schedule. The first feature you should be considering is cost. Every business has to look at the bottom line and none but the largest should be paying fees to use calendar software.

Easy To Use

You don’t want to waste time training your staff on the calendar software your business uses to save time. Another key feature you want to look for is simplicity. Your new employees need to be able to quickly and efficiently utilize the office calendar as soon as they’re hired. A simple and easy interface will be a great help in allowing them to hit the ground running.

Scheduling Functions

How much time do you spend looking over schedules counting hours or trying to accommodate everyone’s availability? A calendar that makes sure you have the right number of personnel on hand during your peak business hours not only keeps your office running smoothly but is another excellent way to keep it functioning at efficiently. If any changes need to be made by you or an employee, you want to be notified quickly so you can see at a glance if and how that request can be made. You also want to be sure the hours worked can be exported to your payroll department so you can guarantee they are accurately paid on time.

Connectivity Across Multiple Devices

You probably use the same operating system throughout your office, but how can you make the team aware of scheduling, deadline, or project changes when they’re away? Your calendar needs to be user friendly regardless of the PC or smartphone someone uses. Besides being able to use it across multiple devices, your calendar software should be easily able to migrate into another calendar app of the user’s choice. Many employees will prefer one app over another for a multitude of reasons, the ability to have the freedom to use the one that’s most comfortable for them will ensure everyone is on the same page.

Sharing Is A Must

Last but not least, everyone needs to be able to make changes or comments. A calendar app without the ability to allow others to make changes isn’t much better than a paper schedule hanging by a time clock. Color coding enables users to easily identify themselves. The ability to create and share multiple calendars is a must if you have a large office with different departments.

Andrew Carnegie said, “Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” The ability to get those results on time takes everyone pulling together. With a calendar application that everyone can use seamlessly at their desks or away is essential for making your team the best it can be.

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